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In recent years DC has evolved into an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, politicos, dreamers and academics. Out of this environment and the life experiences of its founders, The Goods for Society (TGFS) was born. TGFS seeks to embrace and mix the formality of traditional menswear and the casual cool of urban streetwear, in attempt to change society's perception that the two are mutually exclusive.

The ideas fueling the brand were bred and groomed via typical college mediums: party/club promoting and visuals released via social media.  By expanding their network and professional/academic horizons, Ron Johnson and Jerrod "Spiph" Collins sought to take their brand to the next level. 

For Ron and Spiph, The Goods is a brand born from necessity.  "It is our relief from an overcrowded marketplace," they remarked. "Imagine being stranded on an island surrounded by water but with none to drink, its abundance at its worst. We feel there should be a better choice.  We want to make that island paradise.  Providing its inhabitants with not just water to drink, but quench an insatiable thirst with the finest water we have to offer." 

The Goods' provide the Society's constituents with tangible, exclusive and fashionable products that are more in tune with their wants and needs. The Founders recognize the constituents need to transition seamlessly from the workplace to their everyday life and, with the design of TGFS products will assist them in looking their best at work and play. 

Airdrops and Cargo is designed to provide the TGFS brand a voice, a platform to introduce the ideas and products to the Society. Each week we'll release issues designed to school the fashion novice, fuel the fashion maven's appetite and spark a conversation between these groups regarding the state of fashion by paying homage to the past and blazing the trail to the future. 

Certify your citizenship with your purchase of the TGFS Signature Pin today, available while supplies last (www.thegoodsforsociety.com/shop).

We look forward to welcoming you into the Society.

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