The Goods For Society  is a brand born from a pure desire to showcase the delicate link between luxury grandeur and the rugged life of style. As a brand our goal is to supply tastefully crafted handmade neckwear with unique modern designs using combinations of mix media fabrics. The Goods, will supply complementary lifestyle furnishings that authenticate the culture and tradition of today's society. The focus is to merge the defiant morals of street style with the hunger of boardroom ambition.




In the Summer of 2011, Jerrod “Spiph” Collins and Ron Johnson set out to mend the fine lines of contemporary style and everyday essentials that solidify your cool. With the never-ending desire for that corner office in the sky, they knew it would take the influence of a society to reach their goal. In return, they saw fit to exchange the inspiration in the form of Goods. The pieces are meant to reflect an interpretation of how style and life coincidentally intersect.